TWICE Took A Surprise Exam About Their Fans, And They Had A Mental Breakdown

“Someone help!”

TWICE took a trip down memory lane when they were given a surprise test about their fandom, ONCE. Although no one knows their fans better than the artists themselves, TWICE was in a for a shock when they struggled to answer several questions!


The very first question itself—”When is the official birthday of ONCEs?“—already posed a challenge for the girls. Sana broke down while Mina looked closely at the paper and asked herself, “Maybe there’s a clue here?

Nayeon called it “so hard,” while Sana cutely whined, “I don’t know!

Mina admitted that she had no idea what the answer was, and she knew of another member who was in the same boat as her—Momo! True to her guess, Momo was crying out for help at that very moment, shouting, “Someone help!

Nayeon wanted fans to know that the results of the test, if poor, do not mean she lacks love for them.

This is not an indicator of my love for ONCE.

— Nayeon

As the test wore on, Sana and Mina expressed their wish that they were warned in advance about it so that they could have studied harder.

If I knew there’d be an exam, I would have prepared for it. If only you told us in advance, I would’ve prepared.

— Sana and Mina

Despite their struggles, by the end of the test, most members were confident that they’d pass with flying colors.

No matter the results of the test, TWICE’s love for fans is unconditional! Find out what the members scored in the full video below.

Source: YouTube