TWICE Makes History And Breaks Records With Their US Tour

Congrats TWICE!

TWICE has officially made history with the US leg of their III tour!


TWICE recently wrapped up their US tour, and they made history the moment they stepped off the stage for the last time at the UBS Arena in New York. Once their tour ended, TWICE became the first female K-Pop act to hold two separate arena tours in the United States.

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TWICE’s first US tour, TWICELIGHTS, took place in 2019. During TWICELIGHTS, the group performed one show each in Chicago, Newark, and Los Angeles. During III, they performed in Los Angeles, Oakland, Fort Worth, Atlanta, and New York. They performed 2 shows in both Los Angeles and New York.

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In total, approximately 100,000 ONCEs attended the III tour, which makes this tour the most attended US tour by a K-Pop girl group . In 2019, approximately 28,000 fans attended the US leg of the TWICELIGHTS tour. The explosive growth in tour attendance and the demand for extra shows in New York and Los Angeles indicate that TWICE has become even more popular and attracted new fans since their 2019 tour.

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Currently, 2NE1 and BLACKPINK are the only other female K-Pop acts to complete arena tours in the US. Both groups have performed one arena tour in the United States to date. BLACKPINK previously held the record for the most attended K-Pop girl group tour with roughly 75,000 tickets sold across 6 shows during the US leg of their In Your Area tour in 2019.

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TWICE has now also joined BTS as the only Korean artists to sell over 100,000 tickets for their US tours.

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Congrats to TWICE on making history with the III tour!

Source: Forbes