TWICE Tricked Each Other Into Trying An Unusual Drink, But Momo Wasn’t Having It

From one victim to another 😂

TWICE had a good laugh when they tricked each other into tasting a drink with an unusual combination of ingredients!

Recently, the girls were invited by KBS‘s Studio K to play three rounds of games. After each round, the winning team received more ingredients than other teams to make a drink.

Most of the drinks were made with extra thought and attention, but Jihyo and Mina decided to experiment with their ingredients and mixed together chocolate syrup and tonic water.

They tried the drink first, but they likely didn’t find anything good about it because they just kept silent!

The members passed the drinks around, and Tzuyu was their first victim. She slowly took a sip of the drink but recoiled the moment she tasted it.

Right after she recovered, however, she put on a bright smile and nonchalantly commented, “It’s delicious.

Jeongyeon laughed out loud then whispered to Jihyo and Mina, “She’s good at deceiving.

The unassuming Momo fell for Tzuyu’s trick and asked to taste it as well. “I want to try it, too.

Hilariously, once she tasted the drink, she put a hand over her face with a look of utter disappointment.

Watch the hilarious moment in the full video below!

Source: KBS Kpop


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