A Famous Cartoonist Silenced the Audience with TWICE’s “TT” Dance

The best “TT” rendition yet.

If you don’t know who Kian84 is, he’s a very famous Korean webtoon artist who’s known for his popular comic, “Fashion King“.

You might have also seen the Korean movie that was based on this comic, also named Fashion King, starring Joo Won and Ahn Jae Hyun.

Over the years, his popularity has grown so much that he even got on the variety train.

These days, he’s known as a regular cast of the popular variety show, I Live Alone.

He’s become so popular on the show that he even won an award for his role on the show on the 2018 MBC Entertainment Awards.

When he was called up to the stage, he showed off an awkward dance and proceeded to read his speech.

His speech was just as awkward, including segments such as:

“Thank you for taking care of my very lacking self.”

“I believe that if you plant good seeds and water them well, you won’t (?) see good results in 2019.”

“To our respected viewers, I’ll work hard. Let’s work hard and be modest.”

What followed made the entire audience go silent.

In response to the host, Jun Hyun Moo‘s request Kian84 broke out into an interesting rendition of TWICE‘s “TT”.

However, viewers were unable to identify the dance as TWICE’s “TT”, and went into complete silence.

Watch the showstopping performance in the link below starting at 2:15:


Source: Insight