TWICE’s Tzuyu Could’ve Asked For Anything, But She Treated Their Staff Instead

Beautiful inside and out ❤️

In Episode 2 of TIME TO TWICE‘s “YES or NO,” TWICE‘s Tzuyu unintentionally showed fans how much of an angel she is!

In the episode, the girls were given the opportunity to ask anything from each other. The only catch was that they had to choose either “yes” or “no” without knowing what was being asked of them.

When it was Tzuyu’s turn to go behind everyone, she didn’t hesitate for a single moment and immediately wrote what she wanted.

Not knowing what Tzuyu wrote, the girls shouted “yes” or “no” depending on what they felt.

They soon found out what they were agreeing and disagreeing to! Even though Tzuyu could have asked for anything from her members, she used the opportunity to buy drinks for all the staff present on set that day.

The members who picked “yes” had to buy drinks, while those who picked “no” were excused.

Nayeon, Momo, Sana, and Mina picked “yes,” but they all appeared happy to treat their hardworking staff!

Later in the episode, Tzuyu was already seen preparing to buy the drinks, asking, “Where can I order a latte?

It just goes to show that Tzuyu’s heart is so pure and generous that it would be easy to mistake her for an angel!

Source: TWICE