TWICE’s Tzuyu Debuts Her New Bangs At The Airport

Not even a mask can hide her stunning visuals.

For the past few months, TWICE‘s Tzuyu has been sporting long, wavy hair parted on the side. In recent airport photos, she’s decided to spice up her hairstyle and give everyone a look that they absolutely love.

Instead of having her hair parted to the side, she debuted a set of long, wispy bangs, one side artfully tucked behind her ear.

Whether seen from the front or the side, the bangs are stunning, especially with her hair sleek and straight.

Paired with an all-black outfit of a long coat and boots, Tzuyu is as beautifully chic as ever.


Not even a mask can hide how stunning Tzuyu’s visuals are with her new hairstyle.

No wonder the look has fans calling her a princess come to life. What do you think of Tzuyu’s new bangs?