TWICE’s Tzuyu Is Incredibly Brave, And The Latest “TIME TO TWICE” Episode Proves It

She’s absolutely fearless!

Not only is TWICE‘s Tzuyu incredibly talented, but she’s also super brave!

TWICE’s Tzuyu | @twicetagram/Instagram

The most recent episode of TIME TO TWICE continues the TDOONG High School series. In the last episode, the members competed in various games during Sports Day, and Tzuyu showed off her flexibility while playing limbo.

Once the Sports Day festivities ended, the members had to go back to their classroom to collect their prizes, and they were thrilled!

Here’s the twist: The classroom was locked, and the members had to find numbers to crack the code and get back inside their classroom.

The members had to explore the school grounds in the dark to find the numbers, so they were all terrified.

The school grounds were filled with the sounds of TWICE’s screams.

All the members told each other and the staff members that they were terrified except for one member: Tzuyu!

As her teammate, Momo, held onto her arm, Tzuyu calmly and cheerfully told the staff that she had a lot of fun at Sports Day and that she got a lot of Vitamin D from being in the sun all day.

While Tzuyu and Momo talked to the staff before heading off on their scavenger hunt, Chaeyoung told Mina that she didn’t think Tzuyu would get scared at all. “She’ll just be shocked,” Chaeyoung said.

From what Tzuyu told the staff, it looks like Chaeyoung was right! Tzuyu said she wasn’t scared to be exploring the school in the dark and that she wasn’t afraid to run into staff dressed as ghosts while looking for numbers. Instead, she was more afraid of not completing the mission.

She even happily said “fighting” to the camera before heading off on the scavenger hunt!

Looks like TWICE’s youngest member is also the group’s bravest member!

See the full episode of TIME TO TWICE below.