Here’s What TWICE’s Tzuyu Thinks Of The Line Distribution In “First Time,” The Song Jihyo Wrote

Does she think it’s fair?

The lines in K-Pop songs aren’t always well-distributed among all members, but that’s not the case this time for TWICE!

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In TWICE’s recent comeback premiere, leader Jihyo talked about writing the lyrics to one of Taste Of Love‘s B-side songs, “First Time.” She explained that all songs in the album center around a topic, and hers is about how every moment spent with the person they love is “like the first time.”

It had never happened before, but each song in this album has a topic. So for me, the topic was first encounters and that thrilling feeling.

— Jihyo

Maknae Tzuyu was all-praise for the song. Smiling, she complimented its good line distribution, which even the director noticed.

It’s great, and the parts were designated well. When I was recording it, the director said that the parts were designated well this time, and I really agree with her.

—  Tzuyu

The other members agreed and also praised Jihyo’s song, saying, “It was great.

Those who’ve listened to “First Time” will surely agree with Tzuyu! It’s a sweet and addictive song that you’ll find yourself repeating over and over again. Make sure to give it a listen below!

Source: TWICE