TWICE’s Tzuyu, Momo, And Chaeyoung Pick The Albums They Felt The Prettiest In

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TWICE undoubtedly looks gorgeous in every era they’ve had, but in which era do they think they were at their peak? In a recent interview with MBC Radio, Tzuyu, Momo, and Chaeyoung were asked to pick the album they felt the prettiest in.

Which album was your peak? Which album did you feel you were most pretty?

— MBC Radio

Check out their answers below!

1. Tzuyu

The girls decided to pick for each other, and Momo chose “Cheer Up” for Tzuyu.


She explained that she found Tzuyu extremely pretty in this era.

In think in ‘Cheer Up’ she was really pretty.

— Momo

2. Momo

Next, Tzuyu returned the favor and picked for Momo. Her choice? TWICE’s iconic song “T.T!”


Tzuyu definitely didn’t hold back on the compliments. In Tzuyu’s eyes, Momo looked just like Tinkerbell. She also called Momo “so cute” in this album.

I think Momo looked best in ‘T.T.’ She was so cute. She was like Tinkerbell.

— Tzuyu

3. Chaeyoung

Last but not the least, Momo decided for Chaeyoung, but she had a hard time choosing just one! In the end, she picked “Dance The Night Away,” “Fancy,” and their latest title track, “Alcohol-Free.”


She chose “Alcohol-Free” because of Chaeyoung’s stunning, vibrant pink hair.

| @twicetagram/Instagram

I think she looked best in ‘Dance The Night Away,’ ‘Fancy,’ and in this album because of her pink hair.

— Momo

Don’t miss out on watching the full video below!

Source: MBC Radio


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