TWICE’s Tzuyu Has A New Hobby, and The Members Definitely Seem To Approve

Is there anything she can’t do?

When it comes to TWICE‘s Tzuyu, it seems like there is nothing she can’t do. With her stunning visuals, undeniable talent, and charming personality, it is no surprise that fans worldwide have fallen for her!

Tzuyu from TWICE | @twicetagram/Istagram

Even with her skills and talent, Tzuyu has been using her time to learn something new! The group recently appeared on a special show with Shopee Philippines, answering fan questions and playing games!

In particular, one of the questions was whether any of the members wanted to share something they normally do while they have a day off!

Before the members had a chance to say anything, Chaeyoung quickly exclaimed, “Tzuyu has one! Baking!” and it seems very true as Tzuyu added that she has recently started baking!

When the host asked Tzuyu whether she had learned it herself, Nayeon explained that she taught herself and had even given the members things to test her skills!

Tzuyu then shared some of the ways she has been learning, and it seems that she really can do it all! It is no surprise that the members seemed so excited by their members new found skill!

I learn it by watching videos on YouTube or something like that. I like trying things that are simple and easy.

— Tzuyu

Even though Nayeon hinted that she loved trying some of Tzuyu’s food, when the host asked what it was like, all of the members couldn’t hide their thoughts, adding, “It is really delicious!”

It seems like she’s really taking it seriously because, when they were later asked about things they wanted to buy, Tzuyu asked for some baking equipment to help her!

Although Tzuyu might not have done a lot of baking in the past, fans have seen her do a lot of cooking, whether on live broadcasts or videos on the group’s YouTube channel. Whenever she seems to do anything, she always looks so elegant, and this is no different.

As expected, it seems like there isn’t anything Tzuyu can’t do! Hopefully, in the future, fans will get to see some of her baking skills and continue to treat her members to good food! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Shopee Philippines