TWICE Tzuyu’s Photos Illegally Used On Karaoke Room Sign That Allegedly Solicits Prostitution

Fans are trying to get JYP’s attention to take it down.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu became a victim of defamation when her photos were found plastered on the sign of a karaoke room.


The sign advertised an underground karaoke bar that offered “diverse ethnicities”. It featured photos of women from various South Eastern countries, and two photos of Tzuyu.

Netizens claimed that the karaoke room was suspicious and suspected it was one of the many underground karaoke rooms that offered adult entertainment services.


It used two of Tzuyu’s photos, one from her “What Is Love?” promotions in 2016 and one from the 2019 Gaon Chart Music Awards.


Fans were enraged as they demanded to know where the sign was located so that they can file a report to JYP Entertainment.

“How dare you put Tzuyu on something like this… What in the world…”

“They’re crazy. This is f*cking disgusting.”

“This is seriously disgusting. So dirty. They plaster on photos offering stewardesses, school girls, racing girls, and dirty concepts and now this. What is this world coming to.”

“Tzuyu’s not the only victim but also the other women. They’re probably celebrities from Thailand.”

“Wtf ONCEs let’s report this immediately…”

“They’d have nothing to say even if they get sued. Even non-fans would feel dirty from this”

— K-Netizens


It’s unknown whether or not JYP has received word yet or if they know the exact information about the karaoke room. But it’s safe to say that ONCEs will not stop until Tzuyu is protected.

Source: Nate Pann