Here’s How TWICE’s Tzuyu Would React If She Saw Someone Wearing The Same Outfit

It says a lot about her personality!

Many of us have experienced wearing the same outfit as someone in the room. For some people, it would be a mortifying moment, while others would find it hilarious.

In a recent interview, TWICE‘s Tzuyu revealed how she would personally react. The topic was brought up when she read that specific scenario out loud.

You looked around, and you found someone who is wearing the same outfit.

— Tzuyu

After thinking for a moment, she said that she couldn’t remember a time when it happened to her. However, if it were to happen one day, she would react very positively! She’d mutter to herself, “Oh, same outfit!

I don’t know. It never happened to me. If it did happen to me, I’d probably go, ‘Oh, same outfit!

— Tzuyu

Tzuyu’s reaction says a lot about her laidback and cheerful personality! She won’t feel uncomfortable or insecure because she’s confident in herself.

Chaeyoung then reminded her that there really was a time when they matched clothes. Once, they walked out of different rooms and saw each other wearing the same pajamas.

So one time, Tzuyu and I came out of the room. We found each other wearing the same pajamas.

— Chaeyoung

They immortalized the event by taking a selfie together. She said, “So we took a selfie together.”

See TWICE react to more scenarios in the video below!

Source: YouTube