TWICE’s Tzuyu Spotted Returning To Korea After Self-Quarantining In Taiwan For 2 Weeks

Welcome back, Queen Tzuyu!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu had been self-quarantining herself in Taiwan for the past 2 weeks. She decided to stay within the safety of her parents’ home until the drastic numbers of COVID-19 cases subsided in Korea.

As the curve begins to flatten in Korea with the help of their advanced medical responses, it appears Tzuyu found it safe enough to return to her second home in Seoul.

Tzuyu was spotted at the Incheon International Airport completely covered from head to toe. She wore an adorable mushroom cap to hide herself and a large face mask to avoid contamination.

Despite suggestions for everyone to stay home as much as possible due to the viral pandemic, many reporters and fans still arrived at the airport to see Tzuyu.

Thankfully, Tzuyu was well prepared as she came covered to prevent any possible infections! Her manager and staff also tried to keep everyone as far away from Tzuyu as possible.

Now that she’s back in Seoul, she’ll be reunited with her TWICE sisters! Welcome back, Tzuyu! Stay safe!

Check out a video of her adorable arrival below:

Source: Newsen