TWICE’s Tzuyu And Selena Gomez Once Wore The Same Sweater, But Served Two Totally Different Vibes

Their visuals are undeniable!

When it comes to K-Pop idols, there is no denying that they are seen as fashion icons. Fashion brands worldwide will often pick idols as their brand ambassadors or to showcase their clothes, and, most likely, it will end up giving the company more attention. In particular, TWICE is known for being both role models and also highly fashionable.

The members of TWICE | @sbsnoriter/ Twitter

With so many global brands and clothes being given to idols to wear in performances, photoshoots, and appearances, it is not surprising that fans have noticed idols and other musicians wearing similar clothes. In particular, fans recently noticed that two iconic musicians had worn the Rexy Intarsia sweater from COACH.

The jumper comes in several colors and styles, but this particular blue version costs $595 USD. Although it can’t be bought directly from the brand, it combines style and fun. 

Rexy Intarsia sweater | COACH

TWICE’s Tzuyu was recently featured on the cover of the October edition of L’Officiel Malaysia.

Aside from ONCEs being so excited for her first solo magazine shoot, they couldn’t get over how adorable she looked in the dinosaur sweater.

Tzuyu looks flawless, as expected in the editorial, teaming the bright sweater with a simple white shirt. Yet, with the almost patchwork-like skirt and bold block-colored tights, there is no denying that she wouldn’t look out of place going to meet friends or being on the runways in Paris.

Another global superstar once wore the same jumper, and it was none other than Selena Gomez! The singer is now the face of the brand and was spotted wearing the same jumper back in 2017.

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Like Tzuyu, Selena went simple with a plain white rollneck top and a pair of blue jeans, costing nearly $1,400 USD. She also teamed them with a pair of pink sunglasses and a COACH leather bag which, similarly with Tzuyu, added a sophisticated edge to a playful jumper.

There is no denying that despite showcasing completely different vibes, both singers looked stunning in the jumper. Whereas Selena’s look seemed more suited to everyday wear, Tzuyu showcased an outfit that could be used in any situation and allows her visuals not to be overwhelmed by the outfit.

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Same Fit, Different Vibes