TWICE’s Tzuyu And SEVENTEEN’s DK Achieve Record Archery Score At 2019 ISAC

These two will go down in ISAC history.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu and SEVENTEEN‘s DK has achieved record scores in the archery category at the 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championship (ISAC).

On the 2019 Lunar New Year’s Special Idol Star Athletics Championship aired on February 6, Tzuyu and DK both received 10 points 4 consecutive times during the archery tournament.


As the last archery contestant of TWICE, Tzuyu showed off her superb skills, hitting 10 points 4 consecutive times including the X-ring. The commentator, Yoon Hye Young, also praised Tzuyu for her excellent posture.


DK also received 10 points 4 consecutive times, most of which hit the X-ring. In fact, the idol shocked viewers with one of his shoots, which hit straight into the camera.

He set a new record of 95 points to which commentator Yoon stated, “I’ll take him.”


Check out these legendary moments below:

Source: Newsen