TWICE’s Tzuyu Sneakily Pulled Out Her “Foreigner” Card To Win In A Game

They said she “tends to cheat” 😂

Tzuyu wasn’t about to lose a game, so she pulled out her foreigner card to turn the tides!

On November 7, KBS‘s Studio K released another episode of BOATTA featuring none other than TWICE.

In this episode, the girls played the “Balance Game” where they had to simultaneously call out the same answer as their partner.

Tzuyu’s competitive spirit shown through when it was her turn to play the game with partner Mina.

They were asked to pick between the noise of a mosquito and the sound of a person snoring.

‘Listen to the sound of mosquitoes all night’ vs. ‘Listen to somebody snoring all night’

Unfortunately, they lost the game by picking different answers. Mina chose the second one while Tzuyu picked the first.

Mina: Number 2
Tzuyu: Number 1

Mina hilariously joked that Tzuyu actually picked the second one as well—and Tzuyu played along with it! She insisted that it was just her pronunciation that made them think she chose the first one.

Naturally, nobody believed her, and the show even hilariously captioned the video “tends to cheat“. It was, however, still a worthy try!

Tzuyu’s pronunciation “mistake” reminded Jihyo of the time she called out “Seyoung!” in their previous appearance on the show.

Tzuyu may not have won that round, but at least she brought laughs by trying!

Catch more of TWICE in the full video below.

Source: KBS Kpop