TWICE’s Tzuyu Unexpectedly Cried In Recent Japan Concert, And Her Members Followed Suit

She brought everyone to tears.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu rarely cries in front of the camera, but she couldn’t hold back her tears during the group’s recent Tokyo Dome concert. She surprised everyone present, both fans and her members alike.

TWICE’s Tzuyu

After the concert, fancams quickly spread online, showcasing the heart-wrenching scene.

Her members, knowing that she rarely allows herself to be so vulnerable in public, couldn’t hold back their own tears. Even those who usually never cry allowed their tears to fall, as well.

Fans speculated that they were crying because of how much they had longed to hold a concert in Japan again.

The moment they had been waiting for was finally there, and it meant the world to them.

Those who viewed the videos were just as emotional as the girls. Seeing Tzuyu cry made many also want to do the same.

She received an overwhelming amount of support from loving fans.

They told her how much she means to them and thanked her for everything she had done for them.

From Tzuyu to her members to ONCE, the love that they all have for each other is enormous!

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