Here Are TWICE Sana And Tzuyu’s Unique Sleeping Habits, As Revealed By Their Members

Their members are used to it by now πŸ˜‚

With nine members in the group, it’s no surprise that TWICE all has different sleeping habits! Knowing this,Β the girls were asked by Buzzfeed to name the members who wake up the earliest and sleep the latest.

Through their answers, Sana and Tzuyu‘s surprising sleeping habits were revealed. Check them out below!

1. Who’s most likely to wake up before sunrise on a weekend?

When asked which member is most likely to wake up before the sun rises, all girls immediately picked maknae Tzuyu.

They claimed that she practically gets no sleep, and Dahyun illustrated its extent by sharing a recent example. Recently, the girls ended filming for their music video particularly late, but Tzuyu still managed to wake up early the next morning!

What surprised me about Tzuyu is, when we recently shot a music video, we wrapped up really late. But she woke up at 8 a.m. or so the day after, following a full day of production.

β€” Dahyun

Hearing that, Tzuyu decided to explain her reason. Not only is her body clock used to waking up early, but the morning sunlight also wakes her up.

Even if I sleep late, there’s already a sleeping pattern. Also, the morning light shines through my window.

β€” Tzuyu

2. Who’s most likely to stay up past midnight on a weekday?

Next, TWICE was asked to choose the members who are most likely to stay up past midnight. They revealed that all of them tend to stay up late, especially if they have no work the next day.

If the next day is a guaranteed rest day, I tend to fall asleep pretty late the night before. I’ll wake up really late too.

β€” Dahyun

They then singled out Sana for consistently sleeping late, so much so that her members are already used to it! She sleeps so late, in fact, that her members know her for replying back to their messages no matter the time of night.

Even when I text Sana at dawn, she tends to reply back immediately. No matter what time I text her, I get a reply.

β€” Jihyo

Jeongyeon agreed, adding, “She also texts, ‘Anyone awake?’ a lot.

Get to know more about the TWICE members in the full video below!

Source: BuzzFeedVideo