TWICE Announce Special Guests For Their Upcoming Concerts, Sparking A Heated Debate

Opening acts are rare in K-Pop, but common in other genres.

A recent announcement about TWICE‘s upcoming concerts has resulted in mixed feelings among the group’s fans.

TWICE | JYP Entertainment

Since April 2023, TWICE have traveled on their 5th world tour Ready To Be. Fans in different locations across Asia, North America, and Europe have enjoyed seeing the group perform!

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Due to the group’s overwhelming success, more dates have since been added, including a leg in South America and new shows in Japan. Many were also thrilled when it was announced the group would return for a special concert in Las Vegas titled Ready To Be Once More.

| JYP Entertainment

Ahead of these concerts, a surprise announcement about some of these shows was shared online.

The new JYP Entertainment group, VCHA, will appear at the show as openers for TWICE’s concerts in Las Vegas, Brazil, and Mexico.

VCHA are a girl group formed by the survival show America 2 Korea to create an international group under the K-Pop system. The group released a pre-debut single album in September 2023 and are set to debut on January 26 officially.

VCHA | Teen Vogue

Some fans reacted to this notice angrily, accusing JYPE of “milking” TWICE’s success while not doing enough for them but reminding others that VCHA are not to blame. The Las Vegas show is TWICE’s largest American stadium performance, another detail adding to these feelings.

Others wanted another of JYPE’s girl groups to have been an opener instead, naming ITZY and NMIXX.

On the other hand, some have expressed excitement for VCHA, reminding others that it was a good opportunity for the yet-to-debut group. Another point that was added was that it is common for performers to have opening acts in America, where VCHA will be likely be promoting.

This is the first time TWICE have had an opener for their concerts.