TWICE Will Be The First Korean Girl Group Ever To Get Their Own Original YouTube Content

Nobody does it like TWICE.

TWICE is making history again, this time by being the first Korean girl group ever to receive their very own original content on YouTube.

JYP Entertainment announced on August 20 the launch of TWICE’s original content series, which will showcase content from their 2019 world tour TWICELIGHTS and exclusive in-depth interviews with each of the members. They will also show the backstory behind the 9 TWICE members, who have always provided their healthy energy to their fans with their brightness and lively laughter.

From their debut to now, for 4 years, the sweat, tears, and hidden efforts that the members had to shed in order to grow, and the feelings that they felt during this process, will be revealed.

It will be a big present for the fans as it is a very different type of content from what TWICE usually releases.

— JYP Entertainment

TWICE’s original YouTube series is currently under full-scale production, and is expected to be released to ONCE around the world within the first half of 2020. Filming will be completed this year, and post-production will also take place.


Source: Star News