TWICE Will Be Making Their Comeback in April

Queens are back!

TWICE will be making their comeback in April, making sure that ONCE’s around the world aren’t waiting too long for their new music!


According to an exclusive report, TWICE has been busy preparing their comeback album, which will come 4 months after The Year of “Yes”. The group will be targeting a release date in April, but a specific date has not been decided yet.


The same report also highlighted how TWICE secretly finished filming their comeback music video back on Saturday, February 16.


JYP Entertainment has since confirmed the reports with their own statement.

“TWICE is currently working on their new album, with the goal of a comeback in April. Their new music video has been filmed. We will make another announcement when the exact comeback date is confirmed.”

— JYP Entertainment


ONCE’s around the world are waiting to see more of TWICE, especially since they missed a round of promotional activities, since the group did not promote “The Best Thing I Ever Did”.


What concept do you think TWICE will go with this comeback?

Source: Mydaily and Newsen