TWICE’s Chaeyoung Asks Fans To Respect Her Privacy After Private Photo Leak

She didn’t post it, but it somehow spread online.

Earlier today, unreleased photos of TWICE‘s Chaeyoung surfaced online and quickly spread on social media.

While it has not been confirmed, it was speculated that the photos were from Chaeyoung’s private vacation from earlier in the year.

Although many fans attempted to prevent the photo from spreading, Chaeyoung eventually caught wind of what was happening and directly addressed the situation. She posted the photo on TWICE’s Instagram and shared a message with a request for privacy.

“A photo I didn’t even share has been uploaded somewhere. It’s pretty scary, let’s not do that :)”  – Chaeyoung


ONCEs have condemned the “fan” who leaked the photo, showing their support for Chaeyoung and her privacy.


At the same time, the situation has also brought to light sasaengs, or obsessed fans, who often uncover idols’ private information, such as their KakaoTalk accounts, private Instagram pages, and even personal phone numbers and home addresses.


Hopefully Chaeyoung’s message was enough to prevent others from violating the privacy of herself and other idols in the future.