TWICE’s “CHEER UP” Becomes An Anthem For Seoul Pride Parade Marchers

TWICE’s “CHEER UP” was a hot topic during the Seoul Pride Parade as the lyrics were changed to “Queer Up”.

The marchers proudly showcased their “Queer Up” signs during the parade at Seoul City Hall.

As “CHEER UP” blasted through the speakers, they excitedly sang along with the changed lyrics.

The new lyrics perfectly fit with the message of the parade.

“Queer Up, baby~
Queer up, baby~
Stay strong a little more~”

The “Queer Up” campaign was actually started by LUSH, who set up photobooths for marchers to join in on the new lyrics.

The campaign was a success as the hashtag trended on social media sites.

Source: Kyung Hang, Money Today