TWICE’s Dahyun Led Her Team To Sweet, Hilarious Victory In The Latest “TIME TO TWICE” Episode

We love competitive Dubu!

TWICE‘s Dahyun ignited her competitive side in the latest episode of TIME TO TWICE!

TWICE’s Dahyun | @twicetagram/Instagram

This episode was a continuation of the members’ Sports Day activities, and they competed against each other in two teams. NayeonMomo, Mina, and Dahyun were on the red team. SanaJihyoChaeyoung, and Tzuyu were on the blue team.

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In the last episode, the red team lost every game, and they worried their chance at winning the Sports Day prizes was slipping away. However, the red team finally won their first game, water balloon toss, in this episode. Winning this game renewed their hope and brought their score closer to the blue team’s score.

The next game was called Bubble Suit Korean Wrestling. In this game, members from each team hilariously charged at each other in massive bubble suits to see which member would be the last one standing.

Before the game began, Dahyun realized the red team could take the lead from the blue team if they won Bubble Suit Korean Wrestling.

“If we win this, we get ahead of them.” | TWICE/YouTube

Dahyun’s realization excited the rest of the red team, and they eagerly watched Nayeon compete against Jihyo in the first wrestling match.

Nayeon stepped out of bounds, so the blue team won the first round. Instead of discouraging the red team, this loss ignited their passion even more!

Tzuyu competed against Mina in the second round.

Both Tzuyu and Mina competed fiercely, but Mina won this round.

Although the red team had lost every Bubble Suit Korean Wrestling match so far, Dahyun didn’t give up.

Dahyun competed against Chaeyoung in the next round.

Dahyun and Chaeyoung ran toward each other as their teammates cheered them on.

Although Chaeyoung put up a good fight, Dahyun won this round and earned the red team their first victory!

Dahyun’s victory strengthened the red team’s resolve to win, and Momo easily beat Sana in the next round.

The game was tied after Momo beat Sana. Dahyun and Momo competed against Jihyo and Tzuyu in a tiebreaker match.

Dahyun and Momo won the tiebreaker, and the points they earned helped the red team overtake the blue team.

After the wrestling matches were completed, the red team dubbed Dahyun the MVP.

Even though the red team ended up losing to the blue team after the final Sports Day game, Dahyun’s leadership skills and competitive spirit helped the red team to stay motivated and to catch up to the blue team.

See the exciting Bubble Suit Korean Wrestling matches and the full TIME TO TWICE episode below!