TWICE Dahyun’s “Unique Habit” Is Definitely The Oddest On This List

Dahyun, the Queen of Comedy!

Most TWICE fans know Dahyun for being essentially a walking meme, and as it turns out Insight Korea agrees!

On their recent list of “5 Unique Habits of Cute and Charming Idols”, the idols listed were:

  • Jungkook (BTS)
  • Dahyun (TWICE)
  • Sehun (EXO)
  • Irene (Red Velvet)
  • Sungjae (BtoB)

Though unlike the rest of the idols on the list who ranked for normal, almost mundane “unique” habits, Dahyun ranked for…an odd one.

Her main habit?

Hiding between her hair when she’s shy or embarrassed.

Yup, you read that right.

Dahyun’s well most known “unique trait” is just as meme worthy as she is! The article notes that she does this move so often that her members tease her about it. They find her expressions so cute when she tries to both hide behind her hair but also do whatever she was doing before being shy/embarrassed.

We find it super ironic that even since her pre-debut days, Dahyun’s “unique habits” have made her a household name. From her famous “eagle dance” to her ability to “always find the camera”, Dahyun is always surprising us by doing something meme-worthy that seems to always go viral.

We can’t wait to see what she’ll do to make us laugh next!

Source: Insight Korea