TWICE’s Jeongyeon Finally Has Long Hair Again And Fans Can’t Handle It

It’s the hottest topic in K-Pop right now!

TWICE recently shared a photo of the members after their hi-touch event in Japan.

TWICE held the event to celebrate the release of their 3rd Japanese single “Wake Me Up,” which sold over 500,000 copies!


And fans couldn’t help but lose it after seeing Jeongyeon’s long hair!


This is the longest Jeongyeon’s hair has ever been since she debuted with TWICE in 2015.

In fact, she used to be known for her signature short hair. Her hair was the shortest-ever during “Cheer Up” promotions (depicted).


But ONCEs knew that Jeongyeon looked absolutely beautiful in long hair from her pre-debut photos.


And they all supported Jeongyeon’s decision to grow it back out!


But now, the mystery seems to be exactly what color her hair is.


It looks like Jeongyeon’s hair color might be K-Pop’s version of “the dress”


But regardless of what exact color her hair is, no one can deny that Jeongyeon looks absolutely stunning with her new hairstyle!