TWICE’s Jeongyeon Found Out ITZY’s Chaeryeong Is Her New Neighbor In the Most Surprising Way Possible

JYP Nation? More like JYP Neighborhood.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon reunited with her family for Chuseok, where she was able to see their new home for the first time.

Jeongyeon’s family had just moved into a new neighborhood.

Surprisingly, there were some familiar faces in this new area.

At a fan meeting, Jeongyeon excitedly revealed that her family has some familiar neighbors.

I moved back into my parent’s house about a month ago. But the really cool thing is that ITZY’s Chaeryeong … and IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon, I live in the same neighborhood as them.

It turns out that Jeongyeon lives in the same apartment as the Chae sisters!

She also revealed that the family of Changbin from Stray Kids lives in the same apartment too.

With many fans being surprised by this news, Chaeryeong was asked how she found out that she became “Jeongyeon’s neighbor.”

Chaeryeong answered that she found out during Chuseok.

While spending time with her family, she suddenly received a text from Jeongyeon.

Jeongyeon texted me and asked if we have a member who stays at this neighborhood and I said, “Me.” … She laughed a lot, then she said “I moved here.”

Lia curiously asked how Jeongyeon had this suspicion that she and Chaeryeong were now neighbors.

Chaeryeong answered that she and Chaeyeon had the same background on their Kakaotalk profile picture.

That background turned out to be of the apartment that Jeongyeon and Chaeryeong’s family share.

After seeing the profile pictures of the sisters, Jeongyeon realized they must live in the same apartment.

To confirm this, she even sent Chaeryeong a picture of the same spot.

At TWICE’s fan meeting, Jihyo urged Jeongyeon to become friends with her new neighbors.

And it looks like Jeongyeon and Chaeryeong have already been close!

She has known the Chae sisters since they were all trainees together at JYP Entertainment. The three even competed on the same reality survival program, SIXTEEN.

And Jeongyeon has been a great unnie to Chaeryeong. Before ISAC, Chaeryeong even asked Jeongyeon for advice on Korean wrestling.

Now that they are neighbors, it looks like their friendship will become even closer!