TWICE’s Jeongyeon Opens Up On How All 9 Members Feel About In Living In One Dorm

“It could fall apart and fail…”

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon sat down for a solo interview for her latest pictorial with Marie Claire magazine, where she opened up about living in a dorm with 9 members in total.


When the interviewer asked how she feels about living in an apartment with 8 other girls, Jeongyeon replied that it’s “an opportunity to learn how to be considerate to others.


She explained that all of the members are able to coexist well together in a single dorm because all of the members are kind-hearted souls who are considerate towards one another.

Since TWICE has 9 members, living in one dorm itself is being considerate. If even one person refuses to be considerate to others, it could fall apart and fail but there’s not one bad soul in TWICE.

— Jeongyeon


She also revealed that she’s learned so much from living with her TWICE sisters. Everyone has their own way of interpreting and seeing their work in a different light, and it helps others become stronger by filling in each other’s weaknesses.

I learn from my members a lot too. Even though we’re working the same, someone may think more positively or think of something in a different way that I never would have seen. I’m learning as I live with my members.

— Jeongyeon


Although it may be difficult to live in a dorm with 9 people in total, the TWICE members have no problem since their bond is thicker than blood!


Check out more photos from Jeongyeon’s pictorial below!

Source: Donga