TWICE’s Jihyo Shares Childhood Photos To Celebrate 15 Years With JYP Entertainment

She has been with the agency for more than half her life.

At just 23 years old, TWICE‘s Jihyo is a veteran in the entertainment industry, having been with JYP Entertainment for more than half of her life.

When she began her long journey to stardom, Jihyo had no idea that she would one day be celebrating her 15-year anniversary at such a young age.

In 2004, 7-year-old Jihyo entered the 1st Junior Naver Child Acting Star competition and won second place. JYP Entertainment’s casting team immediately recognized her talent and cast her on the spot.

From July 2005 to her debut in October 2015, Jihyo trained for over ten years before finally debuting as TWICE’s leader. All her years of hard work and dedication paid off big time!

| Jihyo / JYP Entertainment

On July 15, Jihyo shared this collection of childhood photos on TWICE’s Instagram to celebrate her 15-year anniversary.

In the caption, Jihyo wrote, “Old photos to commemorate my 15th anniversary of joining JYPE.  I didn’t know I would have 15 years of working experience at this age.. hehe…”

Now ONCEs are congratulating Jihyo on her illustrious career, and awwing over her adorable baby photos.

From cover girl to cover girl, Jihyo was destined to be a star!