TWICE’s Mina forgets she’s on camera while she’s being recorded the whole time

Fans are in a fit of giggles after watching a gif featuring TWICE member Mina in which she briefly forgot the camera was on.

In the middle of a live broadcast, the camera was solely focused on Mina with Tzuyu at her side. Forgetting that the camera is on, Mina picks at her ear comfortably until she remembers she is being recorded. With a cute “Ah..!”, she smoothly and naturally moves her hand away from its previous activity.



TWICE is quickly nearing its very 1st debut anniversary, coming up on October 20th. Since their debut last year with “Like OOH-AHH,” the girl group has experienced quick success and popularity, attracting more fans by the day with their lovable and cute charms. They returned with a second album release in the first half of 2016, once again sweeping the charts with “Cheer Up.”

Source: Today Humor