TWICE’s Momo Opens Up About Having Surgery, Discusses The Inconveniences Of Recovery

Wishing Momo a speedy recovery!

TWICE‘s Momo recently revealed that she had surgery to remove her wisdom teeth.

In a February 28 post to the group’s official Instagram account, Momo said, “ONCE, what are you doing? I want to eat meat… I had a toothache and ate porridge and avocado (I’ve pulled my wisdom teeth and treated the nerves…)

Source: @twicetagram/Instagram

She went on to say, “ONCE, please recommend me movies! Momo’s recommended movie is Start-Up! lol “KNOCK KNOCK” was the best… lol. ONCE, if you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look.

Getting wisdom teeth removed can be quite uncomfortable. We hope Momo recovers quickly!