Twice’s Momo shows her different charisma in the show ‘Hit the stage’

TWICE‘s Momo has shown that she has a different side in character when dancing on the great competition show, Hit the Stage.

The competition show Mnet Hit the Stage has been airing on Korean television since July 27th, 2016. The show features various different artists known to be the greatest dancers in the K-pop industry and holds competitions for each of guests that appear on the show. Dancers from many popular K-pop groups such as Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation, Bora of Sistar, Ten from NCT U, and more have all shown their amazing dance talents on the show. Many of them display a side of themselves that are different from what they usually show on different programs.

In the first episode, which had the theme “Devil”, Momo and the JYP crew performed a choreography that was made specially for the idol star. The routine was created with a “vampire” concept in mind.

She began her choreography with a powerful glance, followed through with powerful moves which surprised the audience. Unlike the sweet and cute Momo that we typically see dancing “shy, shy, shyly” on stage, the Twice member perfectly expressed what the true wrath of a vampire would be, sending a short scare to the audience and judges.

In the following episodes, Momo received a new theme called ‘This Love” where she invites her fellow TWICE member, Mina, as her partner as well as ballet mentor.

With no prior experience of ballet dancing, Momo made her first attempt at contemporary ballet dancing, which surprisingly touched and inspired many in the audience.

Subsequently, the sweet and shy dancer that we all had thought she was, was soon going on to perform riskier routines that fell under the concepts of “Dangerous Love”, which went along with the soundtrack of the popular American romance film, Fifty Shades of Grey.

Check out Momo’s moves below and see for yourself whether or not you’ll get blown away by her versatile talents!