TWICE’s Sana Has The Sweetest Message for Chaeryeong On The Eve of ITZY’s Debut

The Sixteen bond is as strong as ever.

ITZY might not have yet debuted, but TWICE’s Sana is already sending well wishes their way – especially to Chaeryeong.

For those who might wonder about their relationship, it’s not too surprising – both Chaeryeong and Sana appeared on Sixteen!

Although Chaeryeong did not make it into TWICE, she stayed close with the members in the years since the group debuted.

So the fact that TWICE finally get to see their friend debut after waiting so long must mean the world to them!

During a recent press conference, Sana stated “TWICE debuted though Mnet’s Sixteen, and a good friend of ours from the program [Chaeryeong] is about to debut in JYP’s new girl group. It would be so great if we could one day meet on the same stage.”

Fans of course loved that the bonds created via Sixteen have stayed strong and are super hopeful that Sana’s wish could come true.

We’d love to see an ITZY and TWICE special stage one day!