TWICE’s Tzuyu Reveals The Hair Color Her Members Love Best On Her

And we can’t help but agree!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu revealed what hair color her members love on her!

On November 4, Tzuyu held a live broadcast during her lunch hour while on an individual photoshoot schedule for the day.

While talking to fans about her day and schedule, she read a comment that asked her which hair color she’d most like to try next. Tzuyu answered that a color she’d like to try would be red, also saying that it’s the color most recommended by her members themselves!


I’d like to try a red color for my hair next. Even my unnies recommend it to me the most. They say it’s the prettiest hair color for me.


Tzuyu has had red hair before, sporting it for a brief time following TWICE’s “Like OOH-AAH” debut promotions, and she totally rocked that look!


What hair color of Tzuyu’s do you like the most?