Twitter Refers To BTS’s RM As “ARMY’s Father,” But We Know What They Really Mean

“our president, our father, our zaddy…”

BTS‘s RM broke the internet again with some sexy selfies…

BTS’s RM | @rkive/Instagram

The BTS leader shared selfies from his latest workout on Instagram Stories, revealing that he is hot AF even while literally sweaty.

| @rkive/Instagram

Of course, ARMYs couldn’t contain themselves upon opening the app and seeing RM’s handsome face. If you aren’t RM-biased already, he has at least wrecked you today.

Naturally, RM (also known by his birthname Namjoon) trended on social media. And as with any trending topic, Twitter provided a brief description explaining why the subject was trending. So, in this case, it referred to RM as “ARMY’s father” while stating that he had posted selfies on Instagram.

ARMYs were confused by the description at first…

But we know what the writer at Twitter really meant to say.

They just chose the most respectful way to call RM what he really is: daddy.

It’s okay, Twitter; you can say it like it is next time. 😏