Twitter Is Finally Investigating DMCA Notices After BTS And ARMY Accounts Are Reported With Fraudulent Claims

There’s been some progress made.

Earlier this week, ARMY discovered that the official BTS WORLD Twitter account was suspended.

It turned out that there was a much more serious issue underlying.

Not only had the members’ shared BTS account previously been targeted with selfies being taken down due to “copyright strikes,” but many fan accounts’ profile pictures and headers were disappearing too due to the same problem. And, it’s been happening for some time now.

The ones behind this unjustified report was Team Copyright, self-identified as “Bangelidishi cyber security researchers.” They are on a mission to report any BTS-related social media accounts.

| @team.copyright.official/Facebook

According to Team Copyright’s Facebook page, they are a non-profit organization working “for a clean cyberspace.” They hope to remove “adult and atheist” content online. Their motivation to get BTS-related accounts removed is due to the “promotion” of atheism, equality, and homosexuality.

When ARMYs realized what was really going on, everyone banded together to get Twitter involved in the matter. Many users tweeted, tagging @Twitter, @TwitterSupport, and @TwitterSafety, among other accounts.

After a day, it seemed like ARMYs’ hard work finally paid off. One of the accounts that Team Copyright had attacked, @btschartdata, shared with their followers a message they received from Twitter, revealing that the DMCA notices are, in fact, being investigated.

Likewise, BTS WORLD has finally returned. The account is no longer suspended, although it should never have been in the first place.

| @BTS_official/Twitter

While BTS WORLD and @btschartdata’s DMCA notices were investigated and found to be invalid, there are still many accounts like @BTSupdate_7 who have yet to receive such a positive message from Twitter. In fact, @BTSupdate_7 has been one of the ARMY accounts that have been targeted by Team Copyright continually for a while.

Last month, her profile picture and header were removed multiple times due to claims of infringement despite that she created the images herself. Followers even attempted to find solutions by creating alternatives too. Yet, nothing worked, so she had to use solid purple images instead.

Hopefully, Twitter is continuing to investigate the DMCA notices as this is much more serious than just a missing profile photo. Work is certainly not done yet.

Team Copyright shared an update recently because they know that that ARMYs are onto them now. They attempted to justify their actions, claiming they were just against “toxic fans.”

| @team.copyright.official/Facebook

They even alleged to have formed some kind of alliance with “BTS fanbase leaders” in order to find and remove only the “toxic fanbase” rather than ARMY in general. Of course, ARMYs were not buying this.

| @team.copyright.official/Facebook

So, ARMYs just gave Team Copyright a taste of their own medicine. As of November 19, their Facebook page has been seemingly removed.

| @team.copyright.official/Facebook

This, unfortunately, is an issue that is not just online. Bangladeshi ARMYs have reported facing threats in person too. So, international ARMYs are attempting to spread awareness by trending “#EndViolence,” one of the hashtags from BTS’s UNICEF Love Myself campaign.

Related phrases like “STAND WITH BANGLADESH ARMY” and the hashtag “#TwitterMaliciousDMCA” are all trending along with “#EndViolence” too as of November 19.

No one deserves to be attacked for something, particularly for liking any K-Pop group. This should be a safe space for everyone.

Hopefully, the situation will be resolved quickly and surely, and every ARMY will be safe.

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Source: @btschartdata