Elon Musk’s Twitter Korea Layoffs May Be Responsible For Changes In Voting For The 2022 MAMA Awards

Nearly half of Twitter’s staff worldwide was laid-off.

In a statement on their website on November 9 (KST), Mnet revealed that Twitter voting will no longer be included in the already completed pre-voting and regular voting for the Worldwide Fans’ Choice Award and the Worldwide Icons of The Year.

Previously, fans cast Twitter votes by including a hashtag of the group’s name and #MAMAVOTE in a tweet in order for the tweet to count. Since the voting for these two categories began, millions of votes were cast by fans in support of their favorite idols.

Fans have been justifiably upset as the pre-voting for the category has already ended, and are unable to make an impact on the other areas of judging criteria.

In their statement, Mnet gave the reasoning as “internal changes within Twitter,” and did not elaborate further.

| Mnet

The internal changes mentioned in their statement may be the result of new Twitter CEO Elon Musk‘s massive layoffs across every sector of the company including those abroad. Starting from his 44 billion USD purchase of the site, Musk (also CEO of SpaceX and Tesla) dissolved the company’s board and made himself the chief executive of Twitter.

Elon Musk | Hannibal Hanschke/AP

Following that decision, Musk then fired nearly half of Twitter’s staff around the world, including at least eight out of the 30 employees of Twitter Korea. Heejung Shin, the former head of communications at Twitter Korea, tweeted that all employees were instructed to check if they were fired from their personal accounts as they would be blocked from logging into their company accounts.

Twitter Korea’s former PR agency Erum also shared that “all members of Twitter Korea’s communication team left Twitter” and that Erum’s contract with Twitter Korea also was terminated on November 4.

Elon Musk at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco. | AP-Yonhap

Other reports called the Twitter Korea offices a “ghost town,” and estimate as many as 20 employees may have been laid off.

Without a communication team providing reports on official voting stats for the sake of awards, there is no way for Mnet to accurately verify the total and true number of votes cast on Twitter, leading to the announcement of voting changes.

| Mnet

While Twitter has begun to reach out to fired employees in an effort to rehire them, there is no telling if the staff impacted by these layoffs at Twitter Korea will be reinstated, possibly changing how global fans are able to vote for Korean awards forever.

Source: DW, KoreaJoongDaily and KoreaTimes

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