TWICE Fans Demand Feedback And Better Treatment With #RespectTWICE_JYPE

Fans are reaching out to TWICE’s agency for answers and change.

ONCE is calling out TWICE‘s agency, JYP Entertainment, in the hopes that their voices will be heard and their complaints addressed.

For some time, TWICE’s fandom has been asking for better promotions as well as more creative freedom for the members to pursue projects outside of group activities. Some fans have cited TWICE’s “low quality” comeback teasers as examples.

Others have pointed out Jeongyeon‘s unfulfilled wish to do a ballad song.

In particular, many ONCEs are directing their frustration at Division 3, the division dedicated to managing TWICE’s activities. According to these fans, Division 3 lacks creativity and has not properly addressed their concerns.

These fans say that they have been reaching out to JYP Entertainment for days via email and hashtagged tweets, but the agency has yet to reply to them with feedback.

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