Twitter User Apologizes For Using Mocking Hashtag On BTS Jimin’s Birthday

Fans are upset that this hashtag trended during BTS Jimin’s birthday.

Among all the celebratory tweets and messages for BTS Jimin’s 24th birthday, a strange hashtag began to circle the Twitter-sphere.

On October 13, ARMYs decided to surprise Jimin for his birthday with a special gift. ARMYs began tweeting numerous hashtags to celebrate his special day. All 20 hashtags and keywords trended worldwide at the same time, making it a world record.

But not long after, the hashtag #HappyBirthdayGorila started to trend on Twitter as well. Fans were upset that someone would use this hashtag on Jimin’s special day.

The user who is a X1 fan, began spreading the hashtag commented that they started this because they liked the nickname ‘Gorila’.


As the issue became more heated, the user posted an official apology statement on their Twitter.


Hello. This is KikKik. I am the person who started the hashtag #HappyBirthdayGorila on BTS Jimin’s birthday. This hashtag became trending on Twitter. At first, I was just joking around with my Twitter friends and I had no idea that this would actually appear on the trending page. I am truly sorry. I truly apologize for posting a mocking hashtag on Jimin’s birthday, making both ARMYs and Jimin upset. I will never use Twitter again and disappear from everyone. I deserve the criticism I am receiving. I should have put myself in the other’s person’s shoes. I didn’t take the time to think through this. It’s all my fault that something like this happened on Jimin’s birthday and I am truly sorry for it. I am sorry for closing my DM window earlier. I will make sure this never happens again by never using Twitter again. Once again, I truly apologize for everything.


Even after posting the apology letter, fans are still upset over this incident.

Hopefully another incident like this doesn’t happen in the future in regards to idol’s birthdays.

Source: theqoo