Two dead after a shooting takes place at military training camp with PSY, Jang Soowon, and Jung Suk Won

Singer PSY was present at the recent deadly shooting accident during a reserve forces training camp on May 13th (KST).

According to PSY’s affiliate, “PSY went to the reserve forces training camp today (13th) as the principal. Due to his afternoon schedule, with the cooperation of the military authorities, he has been excused to leave early. He didn’t even know that there has been a shooting spree. It is shocking.”

Coincidentally, the fatal shooting spree incident at one of the reserve forces training happened on the same day of PSY’s scheduled reserve forces training date. As of 4:26 PM (KST), casualties of the unfortunate accident are reported to be: one conscious after being treated, one in critical condition, and two dead. Currently, PSY has finished his training and has returned home safely.

An insider of the army base reported that, “During a reserve forces training at one army camp in Seoul, a participant reserve soldier Choi went on a deadly shooting spree, resulting [in] four wounded. Thus far, it has been reported that the soldier took out his own life as well.”

The shooter Choi (23) during shooting practice received 10 shots and fired a round into the target. After his initial shot he suddenly turned and sprayed those who were behind him with the rest of the bullets.  Of the four who were hit, Park (24) passed away during transport to the hospital and Yoon was in critical condition after one of the bullets went through his skull but passed away shortly after arriving at the hospital. Of the other two, one has regained consciousness while the other one is suffering from a major injury.

Actor Jang Soowon who was training in the same camp stated, “The training camp next to me was suddenly filled with commotion and I realized that I was hearing gunshots. I was shocked to my core.”

Actor Jang Sukwon was initally at the scene as well but left early for a schedule with the permission of the military. He plans to return and finish his training at a later date.

Source: ebnXports News, and Seoul News