Two groups under SM Entertainment will release new albums this September

With SM Entertainment steadily dishing out comebacks from their artists since the beginning of the year, many are wondering who will be next this September.

According to an insider, two groups under SM Entertainment are preparing to make a comeback this September with one said to be Red Velvet. They are currently the agency’s youngest girl group, debuting in August 2014 with Happiness as a four-member group before adding a fifth in March for their Ice Cream Cake promotions.

The second team that is speculated to also be making a comeback along with Red Velvet is their senior, f(x). In fact, it was recently confirmed that the now four-member girl group are filming for their music video, though a comeback date has not been confirmed yet.

f(x) recently lost a member of their group when Sulli officially withdrew to pursue an acting career.

Check out SM Entertainment’s comeback schedule so far this year. Who are you hoping is making a comeback this month?

[January] SHINee’s Jonghyun (solo debut)
[February] f(x)’s Amber (solo debut)
[March] Super Junior’s D&E, Red Velvet, EXO
[April] M&D
[May] BoA, SHINee
[June] EXO
[July] Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ (no promotions)
[August] SHINee, Girls’ Generation

Source: Star News