Two Inseparable Korean Actors Will Star As A Couple In A K-Drama — For The Fourth Time

There appears to be a pattern in their timeline.

We often fall in love with the main characters when we watch our favorite K-Dramas. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we can see our favorite actors play a couple in more than one K-Drama.

Lee Jong Suk (left) and Suzy (right) in “While You Were Sleeping” | SBS

Actress Jang Na Ra and actor Jang Hyuk have a unique history with one another. They starred in their first production as a couple in 2002 with the iconic K-Drama, Successful Story of a Bright Girl. 

Successful Story of a Bright Girl is about a country girl who has a hate-at-first-sight moment with an arrogant CEO—but the two eventually fall for each other.



At the time, Jang Na Ra was not only a popular actress, but she took over the music charts as a singer. Her songs “April Story” and “Sweet Dream” were hits in 2002 and have become classics to K-Pop fans.


After the success of Successful Story of a Bright Girl, twelve years later, Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk reunited for another K-Drama. In 2014, the two starred in You Are My Destiny, where they played a married couple.



In You Are My Destiny, Jang Hyuk, who played a successor to his family’s business, marries Jang Na Ra’s character, an average secretary, after knowing one another for only a couple of days.


In the same year, the two actors starred in a one-episode special for MBC’s Drama Festival, titled Old Goodbye. The two characters meet on a cliff and go through the ups and downs of a relationship.


The public loves seeing the two actors as a couple, and soon they will be able to see the “Jang couple” and their chemistry in a new K-Drama, Family. Set to be released on April 17, Family is a spy genre K-Drama about a NIS agent husband and an office worker wife who dreams of a perfect family.

| tvN

This will be their fourth production together. In a 2022 interview with Elle, Jang Hyuk pointed out that he and the actress have done a show every decade.

I’ve been doing a production with Jang Na Ra once every ten years. This next production will be the first time in a decade we have worked together.


He also pointed out something interesting about all the productions he has been in with Jang Na Ra.

In our first drama, we were lovers, in the second production, we were husband and wife. Looking at the synopsis for this production, we are parents. It feels like it’s all connected, so it’s fun.

| tvN

In their first productionSuccessful Story of a Bright Girl, Jang Na Ra was 21, and Jang Hyuk was 26. In Family, they are 42 and 47. We have watched them grow as a couple on screen, and they represented the different stages of a relationship.

The two have a close friendship—Jang Na Ra calls him hyungnim, which translates into “big brother,” and Jang Hyuk recently wished Jang Na Ra a happy life with her husband when she married in June of last year.

| Star Today

We love this long-lasting friendship between the actors and can’t wait to see what kind of production they will show us in another ten years!



Source: iMBC and Elle
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