The Two K-Pop Groups Netizens Believe Were “Robbed” During The First 2023 “MAMA Awards” Show

It was all for the fans’ choice award.

Fandoms of two huge K-Pop groups have called out Mnet for being rigged after their idols were “robbed” at the 2023 MAMA Awards,

The 2023 “MAMA Awards” logo | Mnet

One of the awards was for “Worldwide Fans’ Choice,” where groups were nominated, and the results would be determined by fans alone.

When the nominees were announced, Mnet released the criteria for voting and for this award, it was 70% voting from fans via the app and then 30% from Spotify votes.

Throughout the voting period, various accounts kept fans updated on how the results were looking.

Even an hour before voting closed, the well-known account @kchartsmaster shared an update.

On November 28, the results were announced during the first day of the event at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.

When the results were revealed, while a lot of the artists won as expected, two groups were missed. One was TREASURE, and despite remaining in third place in the voting, they missed out.

The members of TREASURE | Mnet

After the results were shared at the event, TREASURE fans shared their anger. For many, it was confusing as the group had been constantly near the top and it seemed almost impossible that they could’ve fallen so far down that they didn’t make the top ten.

Another fandom that shared its anger after the awards was fans of EXO.

The members of EXO | SM Entertainment

Like TREASURE, earlier predictions had EXO in the top 10 for the “Worldwide Fans’ Choice.” When they saw the tables and watched the show, they couldn’t hide their anger that the members were “robbed” of a win. In particular, many shared that Mnet has been known for their poor treatment towards the members, which had fans even angrier.

Netizens couldn’t hide their shock that both TREASURE and EXO missed out.

While netizens congratulated the groups who won, many want Mnet to be transparent with the results so that they can see how they managed to miss out, especially as both groups seemed consistent with voting.

You can read the full results below.

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