Two People Are Captured Crying In T-ARA Jiyeon’s Wedding Video — But Neither Of Them Are Her

It’s all there in the wedding video.

T-ARA‘s Jiyeon and her baseball star husband, Hwang Jae Gyun, recently shared behind-the-scenes stories of their wedding.

Jiyeon (left) and Hwang Jae Gyun (right) | @jiyeon2__/Instagram

On October 13, Jiyeon uploaded a video titled “Wedding Behind Story EP.1” on her YouTube channel.

Hwang Jae Gyun said this video was for people curious about their wedding.

There are a lot of people who are very curious about our wedding, so we have prepared this to watch the video and talk about the wedding.

— Hwang Jae Gyun

| JIYEON/YouTube 

Ji Yeon stated that it had been a while since they watched this video, and Jae Gyun said it was his second time. They then immediately played the video, and gentle music and scenic views of the Shilla Hotel appeared.


Almost immediately after the video started playing, Jae Gyun said with glistening eyes, “I’m about to cry.


Slightly surprised, Jiyeon paused the video and laughed before getting him tissues.


Jiyeon then explained that the couple had a hard time preparing for the wedding, and Jae Gyun agreed they suffered a lot during that time.

Preparing for the wedding was really difficult. We didn’t have a wedding planner, and there were a lot of people who helped us, but they weren’t professionals, so we suffered a lot.

— Jae Gyun

He claimed he’s not usually the type to cry a lot, but Jiyeon denied his claims and responded, “No, he has a lot of tears.”

They then continued with the video and explained why they chose to have their wedding at the Shilla Hotel, which is a 5-star hotel that is known to hold lavish weddings for top celebrities. Although Jiyeon didn’t care where she had the wedding, Jae Gyun wanted a hotel wedding.

We had our wedding at Shilla Hotel. I had a dream of having a big wedding. I absolutely had to have the wedding at a hotel. Jiyeon was okay with having it anywhere, that it didn’t matter as long as it’s the two of us, so we talked about conventions, small weddings, and things like this. I said, ‘Never. I must do it at a hotel. Thankfully, Jiyeon followed by wishes, and we had our wedding at a hotel.

— Jae Gyun

The Shilla Hotel Grand Ballroom | Shilla Hotel

Jiyeon added that it’s good for one person to be more firm when making decisions.

It’s better if one of the two is a little firmer like this because there are so many things to decide, and you have to make a decision quickly. I loved it so much.

— Jiyeon


They then continued to play the video after Jiyeon joked, “How can you cry from the start of the video?

They showed Jae Gyun walking into the venue with the song that plays when he enters the batter’s box during a baseball match. He revealed that he used to enter baseball matches with the song “Sexy Guy” by Space A while playing for Lotte, but Jiyeon chose this song for him when he joined KT.


Then, they showed Jiyeon’s entrance in her beautiful wedding gown and her father by her side. Jae Gyun watched in silence as he tried not to cry. He pointed out how Jiyeon’s father was holding back his tears.

Even while rehearsing this part where I enter, my dad held my hand like this, right? We had our hands held tightly, and I could feel him trembling. And I could feel my dad trying to hold his tears back. I could hear him swallow the tears down. That was very sad… My dad cries easily. But you don’t want to cry as soon as you enter, right? So he grasped my hands really hard to fight off his tears and I could feel it… That broke my heart.

— Jiyeon


Jiyeon shared that she tried her best not to cry and said it was her husband who cried more during the rehearsal and wedding.

Brides often get reminded that we should do whatever it takes to hold back our tears. Because it will be captured and last forever in our wedding photos. It’s usually the brides who cry during weddings, but wedding gowns don’t have pockets, right? So, they often have the grooms keep a handkerchief in their pocket for their brides. So before the wedding, my planner asked me, ‘Would you like me to get a handkerchief for you?’ And I said, “I think my groom might need it more than I do.’

— Jiyeon

| @jiyeon2__/Instagram

Jae Gyun admitted that he cried a lot on his wedding day, and the handkerchief came to good use.

They watched the moment Jiyeon’s father handed her off to Jae Gyun, and both her father and the groom could be seen holding back their tears.


Jiyeon and Jae Gyun had their wedding on December 10 of last year.

Watch the full video of Jiyeon and Jae Gyun watching their wedding video together.


Source: JIYEON/YouTube