The Next NewJeans? TWS’s “Plot Twist” Is Skyrocketing On Korean Music Charts

“Their song is organic, grass fed, and ethically grown 🤌✨”

TWS debuted with their first album, Sparkling Blue, and its accompanying title track “Plot Twist” about two weeks ago on January 22. In that time, they’ve gone from a relatively unknown group with high expectations as SEVENTEEN‘s younger brother group, to being a highly-discussed artist in many K-Pop fandom circles.

In an era where girl groups have dominated the K-Pop industry for the last couple of years, many fans have been hoping to see a resurgence in the success of boy groups with the new generation, which includes artists such as ZEROBASEONERIIZE, and TWS themselves. And while all three of these groups have been overall well-received and successful, TWS’s ranking on music charts and how well “Plot Twist” is performing is a sight to behold! Some netizens have even been comparing them positively to NewJeans based on their chart performance.


The number of unique daily listeners that “Plot Twist” has on MelOn has grown tremendously over time, especially within the last week or so. The chart below shows the total number of unique daily listeners (third column) and the additional number added each day (fourth column).

| The Qoo

The song is becoming one of the highest-charting boy group songs on Korean music charts in quite some time because of how much people are listening to it! It even reached #13 on the MelOn Top 100 chart.

| The Qoo

This graph gives another visualization of just how quickly their streaming numbers have risen.

“Plot Twist” number of unique daily listeners (blue line) by days since release | The Qoo

Here’s how K-Pop fans are reacting to the impressive growth of TWS so shortly after they debuted.

It’s exciting to see what TWS will come out with next!

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