Netizens Feel Refreshed Seeing TWS Shinyu’s Bare, Unedited Visuals

“That’s genuinely something I love to see: Realness.”

Since TWS debuted about a month ago, they’ve been getting a lot of positive attention for not just their music, but their visuals too! In particular, Shinyu and Dohoon have people swooning over their handsome features.

Shinyu (TWS)
Dohoon (TWS)

Shinyu has been getting a lot of praise for his sharp, fox-like features, traits that a lot of K-Pop fans seem to like! There’s no denying that he’s a good-looking idol, and it’s obvious why he’s drawing a lot of new fans to the group.


Recently, a video of Shinyu without editing or filters was shared online that gave netizens a clearer glimpse of what the TWS member really looks like. It captures his “imperfections” such as skin texture and even a hint of a dark shadow on his upper lip, and many fans find it refreshing to see a K-Pop idol without being blurred and smoothed to the extreme!


From this video, it’s clear that his features are the same as they are in edited photos and videos, proving he really is as handsome as he seems in them.


It makes idols seem more human and relatable when we can see what they truly look like and that they often deal with the same imperfections that the rest of us do, and it doesn’t detract from their beauty — in fact, many people find it even more attractive to see flaws and skin texture!


Of course, there are going to be cruel comments by some online whenever it comes to an idol’s visuals, especially in this kind of situation, but the overall response to seeing Shinyu like this has been positive, particularly from international fans.









K-Pop idols really aren’t as “perfect” as they seem, and that is perfectly fine!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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