BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Is Currently Sick In America And BLINKs Are Worried


BLACKPINK has been having a busy few weeks in America.

They have done a stunning performance at Coachella and are currently in the US for their “In Your Area” world tour.

But understandably, the constant commitments of performing can be draining. Recently, Jisoo has not been spotted in pictures with the other members.

BLACKPINK were recently featured in a viral picture with Ariana Grande on Instagram, but Jisoo was the only member who was absent.

BLINKs were quick to comment on Jisoo’s absence from the photo.

But when BLACKPINK arrived at Los Angeles airport to head for their Chicago concert, BLINKs were saddened to see how sickly Jisoo looked.

Although fans were ecstatic to finally see her, they were deeply concerned with how ill she was, given that she had covered most of her face.

This has led many BLINKs to voice their worries about Jisoo’s health.

Travelling and performing can be taxing on an idol’s energy and fans are saddened that she is sick while in the midst of BLACKPINK’s tour in North America.

But what so reassuring to BLINKs was how nurturing and considerate the other BLACKPINK members are to the oldest member.

While Jisoo was waiting in line, Rosé noticed how uncomfortable Jisoo was and comforted her with a warm hug.

Soon after, Jennie and Lisa followed and the BLACKPINK girls went in for a group hug.

This shows that even though they have been constantly performing and completing their schedules, the bond between the BLACKPINK members is unbreakable.

Then on Instagram, Rosé reassured BLINKs that Jisoo was doing alright, showing that the girls constantly have their fans in their minds.

Even though BLINKs love BLACKPINK’s talented performances and fierce charisma, they always know that the girls come first.

BLINKs have been trending #GetWellSoonJisoo in hopes of letting Jisoo know that what is most important to her fans is her health.

Fans don’t want Jisoo to worry about disappointing them or letting them down because she is sick; they want her to know that what matters to them is her own wellbeing.