Netizens Have Mixed Views On TXT Beomgyu’s Alleged “Fatphobic” Comment Towards His Members

Many believe the criticisms come from cultural differences!

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of dieting, body image issues, or eating disorders that may trigger some readers.

Since debuting in 2019, TXT has always gained praise for their talent, visuals, and personality.

However, TXT’s Beomgyu has received mixed reactions from netizens over alleged “Fatphobic” comments towards his members.

TXT’s Beomgyu | @TXT_members/Twitter

After the release of their latest album, The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION, and the title track “Suga Rush Ride,” the members appeared on the KBS “Idol Human Theater” series.

In the video, the members were doing a “skit” showing them celebrating the new year at their grandma’s house, where they made food and played games.

During one part of the video, the producer asks Beomgyu, “Is everyone in TXT a small-eater?”

In response, Beomgyu replies, “No, no. Half of us are small-eaters and [the other half]… big-eaters? What do you call it – pigs! The other half are pigs.”

When the clips and screenshots were shared on social media, netizens shared their frustration at the words said by Beomgyu, claiming that they were “Fatphobic” and offensive towards the members.

While many criticized Beomgyu’s use of words, other fans defended the idol, claiming that it wasn’t said out of malice or criticism towards the other members. Some fans explained that the term “Pig” is often used when describing someone who eats a lot in Korea rather than the members themselves.

In particular, Korean netizens seemingly had no problem with the phrases Beomgyu used. Many Koreans shared clips of the moment on social media, but their responses seemingly showcase that the phrase doesn’t carry the same negative connotations.

In one tweet, the general tone was praising Beomgyu for being cute for using the word “pig,” which is a more basic phrase, adding, “Beomgyu, who forgot the term big-eater.”

Another Korean netizen wrote, “After he was like is daeshikjwa the opposite of soshikjwa, Beomgyu’s such an elementary schooler for just going with ‘pig.'” The term for a small eater is soshikjwa, and the right term for a big eater is daeshikga, which Beomgyu used because he forgot the right term.

Many have also shared that the term “Pig” or “Pigging out” is something commonly used in Korea, and although it can be seen as hurtful and offensive when used in Western countries, the term is used more loosely by Koreans.

Although the topic has gained debate, fans who see the comment as offensive want the members to be educated on terms that can be deemed hurtful in other cultures.

Source: KBS Kpop


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