TXT’s Beomgyu Spills On How BTS’s V Inspired Him While He Was Preparing His Cover Of ADOY’s “Wonder”

He was inspired by his sunbae!

TXT‘s Beomgyu was inspired by BTS‘s V while preparing his cover of ADOY‘s “Wonder!”

TXT’s Beomgyu | Jiyong Yoon/Weverse Magazine
BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

Beomgyu recently did an interview with Weverse Magazine, and he spoke about TXT’s latest mini album, minisode 2: Thursday’s Child, his time on the variety show Bistro Shigor, how it felt to reunite with MOA for the first time since the pandemic began, and more.

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During the interview, Beomgyu also spoke about his cover of ADOY’s “Wonder,” which he released on TXT’s official YouTube channel in March.


Beomgyu revealed that he chose to release a cover of “Wonder” because he had a vision of the type of images that would go along with the song, and he “was firm” when he told HYBE about his ideas so that the cover’s video would turn out the way he wanted it to.

The reason I chose ‘Wonder’ in the first place is because I had a whole plan about the kind of images I wanted to go along with it. I felt like the cover would be incomplete without a video to capture the right mood, so I was firm when I told the label my ideas. As a result, the video team was very helpful, and I really liked the way the video turned out. It came out while I was in quarantine and I really liked it so I watched it every day.

— Beomgyu

The “Wonder” video gave fans a glimpse into what Beomgyu’s personal life looked like after work, and it showed how “worn out” Beomgyu feels at the end of the day. Beomgyu’s video concept was based on the idea of him returning from the studio in a car and taking a walk with MOA. The idea was inspired by BTS V’s cover video for Adele’s “Someone Like You.”


Beomgyu was inspired after watching V’s video, and he loved how the camera following V made it feel as if viewers were walking down the street with him. He expanded on the same idea in his “Wonder” cover video.

 I always told MOA about the difficulties I face, but that was only 70% of it—I wanted to show them the remaining 30% now, too. When you’re famous, people only end up seeing the glamor, but since there’s a bright side, I think there’s a definite dark side, too. So I wanted to show them how worn out I get in my personal life as well. Most of all, I wanted to make the video feel like they were there with me. V posted a video where he covered ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele, and if you watch it, the camera just follows him as he walks down the street, so it feels like you’re walking along with him. I was inspired after I saw the video and explained in detail to the video team all the things I wanted to get across: ‘It has to be filmed so that it makes MOA feel like they’re taking a walk with me, and it has to show me going home from the studio in a car, and the captions at the bottom need to be yellow and in this font.’ Like that.

— Beomgyu





Source: Weverse Magazine
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