TXT’s Beomgyu Reveals That BTS’s V Once Tried To Play A Prank On Him, But It Quickly Became Heartwarming

They are truly a family!

When it comes to the relationship between HYBE artists TXT and BTS, it has been compared to a family! Since TXT debuted, BTS has proven that they are outstanding seniors giving them advice, having fun with them in videos, and much more!

BTS and TXT | @bts_twt/ Twitter

Beomgyu recently held a live broadcast where he chatted to MOAs about everything and anything. In particular, he spoke about the time the group performed BTS’s track “Boy In Luv” in 2019 during an episode of SBS Gayo Daejun.

| SBS Entertainment/ YouTube

During the live broadcast, Beomgyu explained that the group had encouraged them before going on stage before the performance. It had given Beomgyu a lot of confidence, but he made a mistake after a mishap with his microphone during the performance.


He then explained that, after the performance, TXT went to speak to BTS. Yet, Beomgyu didn’t actually know that BTS’s V had planned on playing a prank on him after the performance.

Unfortunately, Beomgyu was already upset after the mistake and didn’t expect V’s prank.

I went to say hi, and Taehyung (V) hyung was preparing a prank. I was in contact with Taehyung hyung pretty often. So, Taehyung hyung was doing a prank where he was scolding me like, “Why didn’t you do that right? why did you get it wrong?

— TXT’s Beomgyu


Fellow member Soobin was also on the live broadcast and added how upset Beomgyu was after the performance. Beomgyu added that he actually cried a lot and, after seeing his reaction, V quickly stopped the prank to comfort him.

I was so upset, and I was so sorry that I cried a lot. So, Taehyung hyung was flustered, so he was like, ‘Hey… hey! You did well! You really did well!’

— TXT’s Beomgyu


For many MOAs, it might be the first time they knew about the prank, but it was warming to see that V quickly stopped the prank to comfort his junior artist. Yet, the video of V comforting Beomgyu is something much more public after it was posted on BTS’s YouTube channel.


The video also showed just how much all of the members enjoyed TXT’s performance!


As expected, BTS’s V has shown that he can have fun with his other artists. However, he also showed how empathetic and caring he is after quickly changing his plan to make sure Beomgyu felt comforted after his mistake.

You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: TranslatingTXT